Dehumidifier Installation

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CALIFORNIA Dehumidifier Installation


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Dehumidifier Installation

Controlling the environment of your grow rooms is essential if you want to produce healthy crops. Doesn’t matter if you’re a basement grow op or the biggest commercial cultivator on the block, humidity will demand attention. Neglect the humidity in your grow rooms, and one outbreak of mold or mildew can cost you thousands of dollars and months of hard work. Our team has many years of experience and expertise in environmental control for commercial cannabis cultivation giving you the peace of mind you need to run a successful operation.

We strive to help you make the best choices for your unique goals or challenges whether its foundational, budget, weather or compliance issues. Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal foundation to benefit you and your crops.

Controlling The Humidity In Your Grow Room

We get it. You’re looking to push out the highest-quality product. You’d rather be spending your time dialing in terpenes and THC levels than dealing with humidity problems in your grow rooms. Not only would that cost you money, but you wont get back the time you put into growing those crops. All it takes is one mold or mildew outbreak and your risking a hefty investment.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your rooms are setup correctly with a properly controlled environment before hand.

For any growers working with 50+ lights or over 5,000 square ft of grow space, humidity control is a must.  You’ll want to optimize your layout and the efficiency of that space. Many growers nowadays are looking for units that pull between 500-1,000 pints of water from the air on a daily basis. To maximize efficiency you may even want to consider running multiple smaller dehumidifiers rather than one large unit in the surprise event your unit goes out. That way you have the backups in place to keep things running until you can get things in working order again. Here at MMC we understand the common issues growers experience like room design, efficiency, power consumption and best practices. Our goal is to help mitigate those problems before they arise so you can focus on what’s important.


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