Insulated Metal Wall Paneling

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Wall Panel Installation


Matt Machado Construction is Bakersfield, CA’s full-service construction company specializing in Cannabis Cultivation Facility construction and design. We have the necessary industry experience building, designing, and developing cannabis facilities capable of consistent high quality products. 

We strive to help you make the best choices for your unique goals or challenges whether its foundational, budget, weather or compliance issues. Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal foundation to benefit you and your crops.

Fire rated panels available for local jurisdiction requirements.


Insulated metal wall panels are built with a foam center and pieced together with two metal face panels to ensure your grow space stays at optimal temperatures.

Insulated Metal Wall Paneling for your grow facility allows for a more energy efficient production. They are Eco-friendly, sustainable and they provide some of the best return on investments because of their low costs, durability and energy efficient nature.

Clean Installation – Their modular components are non-shedding, prefabricated systems allow for less on-site cutting and less material waste.

Increased Productivity – Wall paneling can easily be replaced and easier to integrate new windows and doors if needed.

Cost efficient – Insulated metal wall paneling offers a slower depreciation rate than other materials.


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