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Grow Light Installation

Hiring an experienced company like MMC for your grow light installations is peace of mind because our team has years of onsite experience building detailed lighting plans for all types of commercial grow environments. We work directly with your team to put together a light installation plan that will ensure your plants are able to receive adequate energy with bigger and healthier yields.

Matt Machado Construction is Bakersfield, CA’s full-service construction company specializing in Cannabis Cultivation Facility construction and design. We have the necessary industry experience building, designing, and developing cannabis facilities capable of consistent high quality products.

We strive to help you make the best choices for your unique goals or challenges whether its foundational, budget, weather or compliance issues. Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal foundation to benefit you and your crops.


LED Lights offer a low energy and low heat way to provide plants with enough light energy to grow effectively while still maintaining an energy efficient growing environment. Modern LED lights with COB (chip on board) technology, offer an even better light intensity for plant growth and can now compete with some HID lights. LED lights tend to be more expensive but typically helps save long-term money because of their energy efficiency.

HID Grow Lights are among the most popular type of light that many believe produce the best and biggest yield for their crops. Some popular brands of lighting that we use here at Matt Machado Construction are Gravita , Luxx and Phantom lights.


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